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Why use PDR?
PDR is the most economical, convenient, and environmentally safe method for repairing minor dents. To determine if your car is a good candidate for PDR, stop by our shop or submit an online request for a free estimate.
Hail Damage Repair
Did you know that most insurance companies consider hail damage an "Act of God"? For that reason, a claim will never increase your rates. Let our trained experts carefully inspect your vehicle and get you the money you deserve.
Insurance Companies
We can handle all of your insurance paperwork, and recover the difference between the estimate and the actual repair cost. All you pay is the deductible!
The Dent Specialists
We are experts in the field of PDR, guarantee high quality work, and offer our in-house services at an anchored location.
A relatively new technique, PDR seeks to preserve the original factory paint on a moderately dented vehicle by re-sculpting the body.
Saves Time & Money!
Protects Your Factory Warranty
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PDR is the only environment-friendly way to repair your minor dents
No body fillers, primers, or clear coats
Going Green,
Saves Green
1/3 the Cost
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